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LED Backlighting

LED Backlights and Passive and Active Enhancements to OEM Backlights

After optimizing the optics of the front of the display by reducing reflections from all materials between the display image and the viewer through AR Films, Optical Lamination, and Optical Bonding the next place to focus for improvement is the backlight of the LCD. Depending on your requirements and goals for your product this can be done through passive and/or active enhancements.

Passive Backlight Enhancements

Many LCD displays can benefit from passive enhancements utilizing more efficient light diffusing films in the optical path and through focusing the existing light emitted from the display to the designed eye position. Passive Enhancements alone can almost double the light output of many displays.


Two of our main tools in passive enhancements is 3M Vikuiti™ Brightness Enhancement Films (BEF) and Dual Brightness Enhancement Films (DBEF). The BEF materials works by focusing light to the viewer, and the DBEF film is a reflective polarizer which actually recycles the light which would otherwise be attenuated by the rear polarizer of the display.

We are among the largest consumers of 3M Vikuiti™ films in North America.

LED Backlights and Active Enhancements

Smarter Glass can design and provide almost any commercially available display in an LED version. LED backlights provide more brightness with less power, are operational over a wide temperature range with no warm up time (instant on in all conditions), and being solid state are more robust in difficult environments.

Benefits of LED Backlights:

More Brightness with less power consumption and less heat to remove from the system

Wide Temperature Operations – Instant On

Low Voltage operation for minimal impact on EMI/RFI

More robust when subject to mechanical shock and vibration

NVIS compatible LED for dual mode operation

Can be used in direct backlighting application to increase dynamic contrast

Long Life Operation and Redundancy

No Mercury and ROHS Compliant

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